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The Grand Capital Investments Companies do not offer any investment advice or recommendation in relation to investments appearing on this Website so you need to decide if an investment is suitable for you. If you are unsure whether to invest you should contact a financial adviser.

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1)Grand Capital Investments Agent - Grand Capital Investments or another Grand Capital Investments Company acting in the capacity as agent for the investing syndicate Member in relation to any investment.

2) Grand Capital Investments Company - Grand Capital Investments and any other subsidiary from time to time of Grand Capital Limited and "Grand Capital Investments Companies" shall be construed accordingly.

3) Grand Capital Investments - Grand Capital Investments Limited, a company incorporated in United Kingdom with registered number 08722951.

4) Investing Member - A person who is registered and recognised by the Grand Capital Investments Companies as a Investor of the Network; and "Investing Membership" shall be construed accordingly.

5) Investing Syndicate - One or more Investing Members investing using the Network.

6) General Terms of Use - These terms and conditions relating to Investing Membership and the operation of the Network as varied from time to time.

7) Trustee -Grand Capital Investments Company Limited, a company limited by guarantee established to undertake certain tasks relating to the Network on behalf of the Investing Syndicate Members.

8) Username - The reference name used to identify a Investing Member in its use of the Network.

9) Website - www.grandcapitalinvestments.com and any other internet address used to conduct the business activities of the Grand Capital Investments Companies and to which the Investing Members have access.

10) You – A Investing(investor) Member or prospective investor or any other user of the Website and "your" shall be construed accordingly.

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