In reality, everything has already been said: mining is based on the validation of transactions. OK, but what else? Digital currencies like bitcoin are not managed or controlled by banks. This is why, in order to be valid, all transactions between users must be verified one by one, and validated. Let’s go back to basics, and let’s look at the name “cryptocurrency" it is a great way to speculate on the effects of world events. Forex traders buy and sell around £5 trillion of foreign currency daily, with constantly moving markets offering opportunities for traders at all levels.


Why "Crypto"?

To validate transactions and secure the bitcoin ecosystem, there are algorithms that are based on the principles of cryptography.

How To Verify Transactions On Cryptocurrencies?

Each cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) has its own algorithm. It is a kind of small manual, describing precisely its characteristics. This is a kind of digital passport. In the traditional banking system, what happens when you want to send money from your traditional bank account to someone else? It is very simple: first, the bank verifies your identity, checks that you have the funds, the necessary authorisations (you probably know you are not free to send money anywhere you like), etc. It is exactly the same principle with cryptocurrencies. Except that there is no bank to do this verification work! So, in order to guarantee impartial computer control, if you want to send one bitcoin to someone, the transaction will first be sent for verification to a neutral computer that runs a specific software. If everything is correct, the transaction is carried out. Otherwise, the transaction is rejected.

The Principle Of Cryptocurrency Mining

You have certainly already understood: these computers are simply calculators. These are the calculators we buy to be able to mine. But then, when do these calculators earn you money? Just as a bank is paid for the transactions you make, each computer owner who has made available their computing power to validate a transaction receives a small percentage of it. Voilà! You have just understood what mining consists of: using a super-powerful computer to validate a maximum number of transactions in order to receive a maximum amount of commissions!

The Benefits Of Mining To Generate Passive Gains

  • Cryptocurrencies Represent The Future
  • Mining Is Simpler Than Trading
  • The Potential Benefits Are very Important
  • You Will Receive Passive Income

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