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Our story so far

Since 2012, we have been helping our investors to make smart plans and choices for their investments.

Truly Secure

We are committed to providing a secure environment for you to invest. Our systems are centered around data protection and the safekeeping of your assets.

Innovative platform

Our investment platform is at the forefront of the industry but we are always trying to be better. based on your feedback, we continuously improve our service.

Fully Compliant

It's good to know who you're dealing with, so we verify each and every user ensuring transactions are fully compliant.

Earn more- Invest tax-free

The Government lets you invest up to £20,000 each year tax-free in an ISA. You can 'wrap' any Grand Capital Investments account in an ISA, so that you don't pay tax on the interest you earn, and you can transfer in any other ISAs you have and invest those too.

Escaroo | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Escrow Payment Service

Understanding risk

Almost everything we do in life involves a balance of risk versus reward, and investing is no different. At Grand Capital Investments, We've developed set of fundamental principles to help make good investing easier for everyone. Whether you're just getting started or are well on your way, these key investment ideas can help lay the groundwork*

Escaroo | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Escrow Payment Service

Invest how you want.

You can register an account entirely online. The registration process is simple and there is specific minimum deposit for each package. if you have any question(s), our Service Desk would be happy to assist.

More than 500,000 investors across 15 countries already investing with Grand Capital Investments.

Earn Interest or Borrow cash

Earn weekly non-compounding interest or borrow instantly with Grand Capital Investments credit lines

  • up to 30% weekly non- compounding interest/interest 5.9% APR for borrow
  • unique weekly payout
  • Add, withdraw or transfer funds at any time
  • Automatic approval, no credit checks
  • #ZeroFees- No hidden fees, flexible repayments