Trading foreign exchange, also known as forex is the most popular way to trade CFDs. With the markets reacting to geo-political and economic stimuli every day, it’s a great way to speculate on the effects of world events. Forex traders buy and sell around £5 trillion of foreign currency daily, with constantly moving markets offering opportunities for traders at all levels.


Forex trading is the most popular way for beginners to get started in the world of financial speculation. By trading on the strength of one currency against another, you can take advantage of the movement in value between the two. As currencies are linked to the economies of their issuing nations they are subject to fluctuations in value based on developments in the host country. Keep an eye on political events and economic data such as interest rate changes which affect the currency value. At Grand Capital Investments we offer user friendly tools to help you get started quickly and build your skills effectively. This ticket gives an indication of the margin requirements and pip values for a few of our most popular currency pairs:

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