About Us

Our Story Introducing Strategic Capabilities

There's always a light-bulb moment behind every great idea- and so it was with us.

Back in 2010, we were in the middle of the global financial crisis and bank funding for businesses had pretty much dried up, particularly for anything property related. At the same time banks had slashed rates on some accounts to near zero and people were struggling to get any kind of fair return on their money. Times were hard.

we realized how simple this relationship should be. we saw businesses who wanted to fund, perhaps to build houses or invest in factories. and we saw people all around us- the man and woman on the street- who had money that could have been working harder for them.

The opportunity for growth was huge for everybody. There was money to help businesses invest and grow, and there was chance for everyday investors to earn fair rates of interest. What's more, we felt that this growth could have a really positive impact on society.

We launched Grand Capital Investments in 2012 and since then our marketplace has become a simple and fair way to invest and trade. We're approaching our first £1bn invest to businesses and properties and we have paid nearly £ 100m of gross interest to our investors. Together we are making a huge impact, fundung the equivalent of 1 in every 100 new bulit homes in the UK last year.

Truly Secure

We are committed to providing a secure environment for you to invest. Our systems are centered around data protection and the safekeeping of your assets.

Innovative platform

Our investment platform is at the forefront of the industry but we are always trying to be better. based on your feedback, we continuously improve our service.

Fully Compliant

It's good to know who you're dealing with, so we verify each and every user ensuring transactions are fully compliant.