Property Management

You will certainly need the advice of a property management firm be you a landlord, landowner or property investor if you are looking into generating maximum returns from your property.

At Grand Capital Investment Limited, our property management department delivers variety of property management services particularly for owners of all types of residential and commercial property in Nigeria and abroad.

We focus our efforts on optimising the value of your assets in a cost-effective way, so you can achieve optimal returns on investment while reducing outgoings.

Why Should You Trust Grand Capital Investment Limited?

We are a proven and trusted firm with reputable results, and our property management department are professionals with years of experience in this field and have worked with so many property owners locally and internationally.

We focus on helping our client get tenants for their properties and make sure they are retained by giving them all the highest level of satisfaction a client would need at all times.

And because we know that client’s taste are different as well as their properties and type of tenants, we do offer customised services to meet individual’s needs. This is done to ensure that owners get healthy returns of investment and professional maintenance on their properties with value added services.

Our sectors include but not limited to;

  • Retail units
  • Offices
  • Industrial and logistics
  • Commercial property management
  • Residential property management

Our property management services also include but not limited to;

  • Letting and renewal of leases/tenancies
  • Service charge administration
  • Insurance
  • Tenement rates/Land use charge
  • Negotiations with rating authorities
  • Lease documentation and administration
  • Accounting
  • Rent management

To know about our property management services, you can contact us.