7 Ways To Earn Customer’s Trust And Confidence

Business organisations with a strong relationship with their customers are able to grow their business to a greater height of success.

It is a proven fact that earning customer’s trust and confidence for your business is a great way to increase profits and build a strong brand.

Today’s customers are more skeptical and more careful with their money than ever before. They ask a lot of questions and demand a lot of accountability from the companies they do business with.

If there is anything that should be a priority in your business, it is earning customer’s trust and confidence in your business. But, earning customer’s trust and confidence is not easy. It takes time, hard work and a ton of effort to strengthen that relationship.

If you want to earn trust and confidence with your customers, and hold on to them for life, here are 7 ways you can do that for your business;

1.   Be Accessible

Always be available to your customers by giving them multiple ways they can contact you. Customers often have questions to ask, and if there is nobody to answer their questions, or you don’t respond in timely manner, you could begin to lose credibility.

You should have different ways in which customers can be able to easily reach you. If your business has a website, kindly create a contact page with options on how you can be reach.

Provide your email address, phone number, social media pages in which you can also be reach. You can also have a live chat button where you will appoint one of your representative to answer customer’s complaints and questions.

In these way, customers that can’t access you via phone calls can reach out to you via the live chat or through any of your social media page.

2.    Have a reliable Product or Service

This is very important if you are really planning on earning your customer’s trust and confidence. Earning customer’s trust and confidence starts with giving great products or services. When customers trust a brand, they recommend the company to others and will continue to use that brand frequently.

The more you plan for great product or service, the less time you will spend in convincing customers to buy from you.

3.   Share Testimonials from Past Satisfied Customers

This is one effective ways any business can earn customer’s trust and confidence. It works like magic. Testimonials from satisfied customers can help build trust in your business. Customers are very skeptical of companies nowadays. They won’t believe the words you are say until they see evidence.

When customers see someone or something they can relate to, it builds confidence in your organization.

So, it is very important that you collect testimonials from satisfied customers and display them on your marketing materials.

4.   Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency is another way to earn customer’s trust and confidence. Customers are smart. They know when you are being up front or when they are told a mistruth. If honesty is one of your company policies, they will appreciate and admire you more when you admit to a mistake, rather than playing games or even worse, avoiding the topic altogether.

Customer’s confidence is boosted when they see an advert and find that the details are in direct alignment when they walk into the store.

5.   Make a Money Back Guarantee a Policy

Now, one reasons customers don’t trust most companies is that they are afraid of losing their hard-earned money. You can prevent this in your business by making a money back guarantee part of your policy when customers buy your goods or services. By offering a money back guarantee, you put those fears to rest.

6.   Deliver More Than You Promise

This is another way to earn customer’s trust and confidence. Always deliver above more than you promise if you want to earn your customer’s trust and confidence. Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. If you fail to deliver on your promises, your customers won’t be able to trust you.

7.   Uphold the Reputation of your Company

Reputation is everything when it comes to earning customer trust. Certain industries have a bad reputation that simply can’t be avoided. Customer trust is an important aspect of owning and operating a small business.


As a business, your prime motive should not only be to make profit, you should also work towards building trust in the consumers for your brand. Failure to meet customer needs and start building customer trust is one of the fastest ways to ruin a lucrative business opportunity. Treat your customers like gold in every aspect of the business relationship, and you will be well on your way to success.

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