Business Management Tools For Small Business

Small businesses operating in the 21st century are required to make important management and business decisions, usually within a moment’s notice.

In order to carefully analyze output, data and other relevant information, small businesses will require necessary tools and aides, to carry out these analyses and arrive at best management and business decisions.

A challenge facing most small businesses is integrating the whole mix of solutions and presenting such solutions in a form that helps the small business carry out its core tasks and responsibilities effectively, efficiently and timely.

So, the most appropriate Business Management tools for the small business will be those that offer all-in one business solutions; these solutions also take away integration hiccups and offer the small business the leverage to handle all front and back end processes in a seamless manner.

These business management tools/solutions are as follows:

1.   Worktec

Founded in 2009, Worktec is one of the pioneers in the business solutions sector. This is a business management tool that has been updating and refining both front-end and back-end office activities which includes sales management, project management, operations, help desk software as well as billing and finance.

2.   Zoho

Zoho is one of the oldest stand-alone online solutions that help the small business achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Zoho as a Business management tool boasts about its capabilities in boosting sales, increasing staff and managerial productivity as well as manage the daily operations of the small business.

3.   BlueCamoro

BlueCamoro is a popular Business management tool suite for the small business. Its popularity stems from the fact that it optimizes the unique features of social media to help small businesses.

With BlueCamoro, the small business can control and evaluate sales channels, manage tasks and projects, render effective customer support service, leverage on social media, create an effective network among team members, as well as automate everyday business processes.

4.   Sellsy

Sellsy is a Business management tool that harps on helping small businesses optimize sales and related marketing activities. Additionally, Sellsy also permits the small business to build and manage a website that works seamlessly with the back-end demands of the small business.

Sellsy also offers small business platforms for customer invoicing, inventory management, help desk management, project management, a Sellsy redactor as well as a Timetracker for projects and programs for the small business.

5.   Bitrix

Bitrix is the Business management tool for small business that offers critical business support in the areas of invoicing, human resource management and control, sales optimization and online organization and strategy for the small business.

A key attraction of Bitrix is the free service offered to customers at the basic level.

6.   Adios

As a Business Management tool for the small business, Adios provides an integrated platform that features resources such as Contacts address book, CRM, projects and tasks supervision and monitoring, Invoicing, Webmail client management as well as a customer help desk and ticketing.

7.   1CRM

1CRM is a business management tool kit that provides so much more than just customer engagement and retention. 1CRM also affords the small business the opportunity to manage orders and requests, effectively tack sales opportunities, automate marketing activities, support customers, secure and access important data, integrate product and services as well as track task and project completion.

8.   ExxpertApps

This Business management tool helps small businesses that render services and goods to an international audience. The ExxpertApps suite seamlessly handles tasks and projects across countries, languages, time zones and currencies.

9.   Jobber

Jobber, as a Business management tool kit, suits small businesses that are service oriented. An engaging feature of Jobber is the availability of GPS tracking which can help the small business monitor the activity and movement of employees on the field.

Jobber also affords the small business to also perform efficient CRM, invoicing, scheduling of meetings and appointments as well as team management.

10.   Booker

Booker is a Business management tool that helps the small business effectively manage daily interaction with customers and end-users. The features of Booker include Integrated Point of sale, payment processing, eCommerce trading, Employee scheduling and payroll as well as real time reporting.

11.   Boss Shop Pro

This Business management tool is for small businesses engaged in the automotive repair/fixing business. Boss Shop Pro helps the small business seamlessly render auto care services and helps the small business keep track of repair schedules, keeps track of car parts and sales, customer appointments and bookings as well as other daily activities that occur in an auto repair facility.

12.   Phorest

This Business management tool is ideal for salon and beauty treatment centres. The small business will benefit from features of Phorest that includes point-of-sale processing, stock management, marketing schedule, clientele bookings via integration with various social media platforms, an sms/email messaging platform, employee database as well as a number of other features  that enable the small business discharge it responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

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