5 Real Estate Investment Benefits You Don’t Know

If there is an investment that you can ever use as a vehicle to build wealth, it is real estate investment.

Real Estate is “property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water and immovable property of this nature”.

Nothing can be compared to real estate investment if you decide to engage in it.

Real estate investment is an investment that appreciates with time irrespective of the economy.

Real estate is a sector that is booming right now in Nigeria and so many people are making money from it.

Do you have a free amount of money in the bank and you don’t know what to do with it? Are you still contemplating if to buy into real estate investment opportunities?

In this article, Grand Capital Investment shared with you five things you stand to benefit if you add real estate to your investment portfolio to build more wealth for yourself.

  1. Appreciation

The first thing you should know about real estate is that it appreciates with time. The building or property on the land may depreciate through time, but the land itself never depreciate, instead, it appreciates irrespective of location or any downtime in the economy.

Every day the population of Nigeria is increasing. But the land is limited. This is why you should quickly go and secure your own plot because it will come to a time when the owners of these land will be the ones in power.

If you take a study at the wealthiest people in the country, you will find out that a large portion of their wealth comes from real estate. These people have houses and landed properties all over the country. They know the value of real estate, so they keyed into it.

Will you continue to watch other people make money from an opportunity you can venture into and become financially free? The choice is always yours to make.

  1. Cash Flow

If there is any reason you should invest in real estate, it should be for cash flow. With an investment in real estate, you can start generating income from renters of your properties. Real estate is a form of passive income.

Having rental properties like land or residential/commercial property can provide you with positive cash flow every month as long as the property continues to exist.

Real estate affords you the opportunity of having a monthly source of income. Like earning salary, but your money is what is working for you.

One good thing about real estate is that cash flow from your properties are stable and predictable than most other investment. For example, if you have two rental apartment (2-bedroom apartment), and you rent each out for ₦300,000 a year, that totals to ₦600,000 every year without you doing anything.

What type of investment or business can guaranty you that irrespective of the economy? Imagine if you have up to five of such property which is very possible!

If you like the idea of the income stream, but aren’t sure about the hassle that goes with tenants, you can hire an agent who will be doing that for you.

  1. Leveraging on OPM (Other People’s Money)

Real estate is the only investment where you can venture into with having just 20% (or less) of the total cost and still acquire the property. It is an investment you can undertake with other’s money.

With a good business and investment consultancy service, you can use bank money to buy into real estate. They will be able to help you create a plan to achieve this.

At Grand Capital Investment, we help our client interested in real estate secure a mortgage at a very reasonable interest rate. As far as the property is legitimate and the person involve has done his or her ground work to make sure he or she is making the right choice, we can help source for loan to assist the person become a property owner.

You do not have to pay the entire amount upfront. That is what banks and mortgage institutions are for. Just with a 20% or less down payment, you become the owner of the property.

Many people are becoming landlords and landladies every now and then and one question that everyone that is reading this should ponder over is; when will it be my turn?

  1. Your Best Exit Strategy

Investing in real estate like residential buildings can serve as a way to build wealth for future retirement. You don’t need to work till you are 65 years before you retire, having properties at an early age can help you retire even at the age of 45 years.

Imagine sitting at home receiving alerts monthly or yearly doing nothing. You won’t need to depend on pension after retirement. With your buildings scattered everywhere, your income keeps coming in.

  1. It Belongs to You and You Alone

As a property owner, you are in total control of your property. Once you are done with the full payment of the property, you become the boss of your income. Nobody can take it away from you.

You get to raise the rent when you like and get to hand over the property to anyone of your choice. Real estate is something you sweat for once and you enjoy the benefits for years to come and get to pass it to your next generation.

Remember that great is that man or woman who leaves inheritance for his children’s children.

If you would like to invest in real estate and would need some professional advice from certified consultants, you can contact us.

We are experts in real estate investment and we can help you find and secure nice properties at affordable price and with better instalment payment plan.

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